The Awnclean Story – Celebrating 30 Years in Business

Since we are celebrating 30 years in the cleaning business this year, we thought we should write The Awnclean Story so we can share with everyone how we got here.  We hope you enjoy learning about how we grew our business and became experts in commercial cleaning, including pressure washing, concrete sealing, awning cleaning and window cleaning.

The Awnclean Story



Ongoing Safety Training at Awnclean

In ongoing safety training sessions, Awnclean’s entire field and operations teams participate in two hours of monthly training to make sure everyone stays safe on the job.

Even though almost everyone on Awnclean’s team has been doing their job for 10+ years, the ongoing sessions are meant to prevent complacency on the job and to continually get everyone to remind themselves of where they’re at and who’s around them, especially when they’re 80 stories up, hanging off the side of a building.

In the most recent safety training session, led by Dean Detjean from Provinsur, some of the areas covered were:

  • Fall safety
  • Ladders
  • Proper way to wear a harness
  • Safety equipment and proper usage
  • Working on roofs and hanging off sides of building
  • Rescue procedures and planning
  • Team awareness of plan
  • Scissor lift and boom lift safety
  • Working around power lines

Each session ends with an open forum with discussion about concerns and challenges on individual jobs and suggestions for improving safety on the job.

Awnclean’s Operation Manager, Todd Henry, also visits job sites on a regular basis to check on the crews and make sure they’re correctly following all of the safety procedures.