Awning Cleaning in Florida

Awnings make a great first impression for your customers. They provide shade, signage for your business, and architectural interest, so appearance counts.

Awnings are also a large investment in your property and regular maintenance will maintain their beauty while significantly extending the lifespan of the fabric or vinyl.

Our teams carefully hand-clean and seal awnings on multiple-story buildings, the ground level properties and even interior spaces. Sealing enhances water repellency for fabrics, creates a protective barrier against contaminants, and offers UV protection to reduce sun damage.

Awning Cleaning in Florida – The Awnclean Process:

  • All surfaces are pre-treated with cleaners and algaecides, inside and out, to enhance the level of cleanliness and kill mildew spores.
  • The undersides and grates, or mesh, are soaped and rinsed to remove bugs, webs, dirt, and debris.
  • Awnings are hand-cleaned with manufacturer-approved cleaners, then sealed with approved vinyl or fabric sealers, depending upon the surface being cleaned.
  • Back-lit awnings are pre-tested to determine the compatibility of the material to the cleaners prior to cleaning.

How much does it cost to clean awnings?

The cost of clean an awning depends upon many factors, but generally you can expect to pay between $.50 cents and $1.50 per square foot.
The factors that most effect the cost of cleaning an awning is the type material to be cleaned –vinyl or fabric–, the age of the material and how long since the last cleaning, the height off the ground, and frequency of cleanings that are committed to.

What is the best way to clean an awning?

Awning cleaning is a hand cleaning process and except in rare instances and by a professional, an awning should never be pressure washed. Mild household cleaners can be applied with a sponge or pump sprayer, and the material lightly brushed. Sealer should be applied after cleaning.

How do I get stains out of an awning?

Generally, stronger cleaners will do the trick. Over scrubbing or concentrated pressure can easily damage the material, so be careful.

How do you get mildew out of fabric awnings?

Citra-Shield will do the trick, but it will take a few weeks to fully work. If you want quicker results then household chlorine can be used, but you must not let the chlorine dry on the material and lots of rinsing is needed. A professional is best in this instance.

Can you pressure wash an awning?

No, you should never pressure clean and awning. Soap is what cleans an awning, not pressure. Pressure washing will severely damage the material.

What can I use to clean a fabric (canvas) or vinyl awnings?

I can recommend a few cleaners that are safe to use, such as: Simple Green, Murphy’s Oil Soap (for vinyl awnings), Dawn Dish Detergent.