Awning Cleaning in Tampa

Awnings make a great first impression for your customers. They provide shade, signage for your business, and architectural interest, so appearance counts.

Awnings are also a large investment in your property and regular maintenance will maintain their beauty while significantly extending the lifespan of the fabric or vinyl.

Our teams carefully hand-clean and seal awnings on multiple-story buildings, the ground level properties and even interior spaces. Sealing enhances water repellency for fabrics, creates a protective barrier against contaminants, and offers UV protection to reduce sun damage.

Awning Cleaning in Tampa – The Awnclean Process:

  • All surfaces are pre-treated with cleaners and algaecides, inside and out, to enhance the level of cleanliness and kill mildew spores.
  • The undersides and grates, or mesh, are soaped and rinsed to remove bugs, webs, dirt, and debris.
  • Awnings are hand-cleaned with manufacturer-approved cleaners, then sealed with approved vinyl or fabric sealers, depending upon the surface being cleaned.
  • Back-lit awnings are pre-tested to determine the compatibility of the material to the cleaners prior to cleaning.