Window Cleaning Florida & Glass Restoration

Awnclean has highly experienced, trained crews for interior and exterior window cleaning from ground floor work to high rise-towers. We even clean the iconic glass structure of the Salvador Dali Museum located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

For exterior window cleaning, our crews soap the exterior windows and frames using a system of lightly apply green cleaners, followed by a thorough scrub and squeegee to remove residue and debris for a sparkling finish. We also wipe dry the adjacent frames and mullions.

We offer glass restoration for hard water, lime, rust, and efflorescence stains, as well as paint, caulk, or other similar adhesive types of debris, that may not wash off using standard cleaning methods.

Ask us about your savings on Awnclean’s service contracts for window cleaning on a monthly, quarterly, triannual, biannual or annual basis.