Paver Sealing Tampa

Concrete and Paver Sealer Treatments

Concrete surfaces and pavers are porous and can easily stain from spills, food, sunscreen oils and grease, gum, rubber tires, and much more. Pressure cleaning is the best way to get these surfaces clean, but it does not address prevention of future staining. This is where sealers come into the picture.

Awnclean will help you choose the best sealer for your project. Our most frequently used process includes application of a penetrating sealer designed especially for concrete. This sealer repels water for reduced slippage, and deters moisture damage and mildew growth. Most important, it also has a stain repellent treatment to help reduce staining and gum adhesion. This penetrating sealer is designed specifically for exterior, high traffic areas.

Paver Sealing Tampa – Benefits of Sealing:

  • Repels staining agents such as ketchup, coffee and soda
  • Easier gum removal
  • Repels oils to allow time for them to be removed before staining can occur
  • Repels water and liquid, which greatly reduces mildew growth so the surface
    stays cleaner longer
  • Depending upon the chosen sealer, we can either bring more shine to the appearance, or choose a sealer that will not change the appearance. The “no gloss” sealer chemically bonds with the concrete and will not alter the slip co-efficient of the concrete
  • Pool deck paver restoration options are available for greasy sunscreen discoloration
  • Reduces frequency of heavy cleaning
  • Reduces labor and chemicals required for cleaning
  • Is used by major theme parks for protection of their concrete