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Guidelines for Choosing the Right Building Service Provider


Choosing the right building service provider is paramount for property managers and building owners. The stakes are high, as a poor selection can lead to inadequate maintenance, increased liability, and even property devaluation. Making an informed decision means considering expertise, safety standards, and customer feedback. This comprehensive guide will assist you in navigating through the selection process, ensuring you partner with a service provider who aligns with your property’s specific […]


Leveraging Building Facade Maintenance to Beat the Odds in a Challenging Market


In the face of reduced office occupancy post-pandemic, increased vacancies, and a cooling residential rental market, building managers and property owners must once again prioritize their efforts to attract tenants. Strategic façade maintenance enhances aesthetic appeal, attracting tenants and buyers; improves energy efficiency, reducing operational costs; and ensures safety, mitigating costly legal and repair liabilities. This comprehensive approach ensures that every dollar spent on facade maintenance not only preserves but […]


Prolonging The Life of Your Awning

Keep your awnings looking better, longer with regular, proper maintenance. Although awnings have been around in some form or another for hundreds of years, awning cleaning is a relatively new concept. As retailers, restaurant chains and others have spent more and more money on eye-catching, showy awnings, they have begun to realize the importance of protecting these investments. Regular cleaning and sealing not only extends life of the awnings, but […]


The Awnclean Story – Celebrating 30 Years in Business

Since we are celebrating 30 years in the cleaning business this year, we thought we should write The Awnclean Story so we can share with everyone how we got here.  We hope you enjoy learning about how we grew our business and became experts in commercial cleaning, including pressure washing, concrete sealing, awning cleaning and window cleaning. The Awnclean Story    


Remove Dark Stains with Roof Cleaning

What Causes the Dark Stains on a Roof? Have you noticed dark stains on your roof? Do they seem to be getting worse? These dark stains are caused by actively growing algae. Unfortunately, Florida’s high humidity and warm climate provide the perfect conditions for algae and mold to thrive. Because of the angle of the sun, the north and west sides of your roof stay wet from the morning dew […]


Ongoing Safety Training at Awnclean

In ongoing safety training sessions, Awnclean’s entire field and operations teams participate in two hours of monthly training to make sure everyone stays safe on the job. Even though almost everyone on Awnclean’s team has been doing their job for 10+ years, the ongoing sessions are meant to prevent complacency on the job and to continually get everyone to remind themselves of where they’re at and who’s around them, especially […]


Commercial Window Clean and Restoration

window cleaning tampa

Rainy season is almost here. It’s certainly a blessing because the rain lowers the pollen levels, but it also becomes a hassle trying to keep the exterior of your buildings looking clean. Business owners and facility managers always want to make sure the interior and exterior of their buildings shine. They want their customers, tenants, and anyone who visits the building to be impressed by its spotless appearance. Clean windows […]


Commercial Pressure Washing Jobs

Pressure washing seems like it would be easy, but it isn’t, especially if you want to do it quickly, correctly, and safely. That’s why our commercial customers call Awnclean to take care of this regular maintenance for them. Awnclean has the right equipment and training to significantly improve the image of driveways, patios, walkways, roofs (shingle and tile), and just about every exterior surface around your business. Because high-pressure washing can cause […]


Choosing an Awning Cleaning Service Company

When choosing an awning and canopy cleaning company, the most important criteria should be if the vendor is professional, experienced, and knowledgeable in the different techniques and chemicals used on different types of awnings and canopies. Awnings and canopies are expensive and can be easily damaged if cleaned incorrectly. There are some backlit, “eradicable” vinyls that can be destroyed if exposed to the wrong chemicals. The cost to clean an […]


Cleaning Chemicals for Awnings and Canopies

The Material Determines the Type of Cleaner and Sealer It is important to educate yourself about the different fabrics and vinyl that are used for constructing awnings, as well as the different weights of these materials. This is vital because different materials will require different types of cleaners and techniques. In general, the better the fabric, or heavier weight, the better it will hold up to environmental abuse. If possible, […]