Ceiling Tile Cleaning Tampa

Like carpets and drapes, acoustical ceiling tiles collect bacteria, mildew spores, dirt, oils and other contaminants on the surface, grids, and pockets. In kitchens and food service locations, vinyl coated tiles and grids also collect greasy oils and food particles, which discolor the surface.

Using a specialized, enzyme-based ceiling tile cleaning process, Awnclean hand-cleans acoustical ceiling tiles, vents and lighting. Our cleaning compound improves appearance, eliminates odor, increases light reflection and the life span of the material, and restores fire rating and acoustical values.

Ceiling tiles are cleaned quickly and efficiently with minimum impact to your business.

Our cleaning process also removes nicotine, soot, mildew, cooking grease, and dirt films. All vents and lighting are hand-wiped down to remove grease, dust and bugs. Our compound is OSHA-approved for use around food products.

Ceiling Tile Cleaning in Tampa – Benefits include:

  • Provides a fresh, clean appearance
  • Removes dingy discoloration and cruddy build-up
  • Removes greasy, yellow residue from cooking and baking processes
  • Removes bacteria and mold spores
  • Eliminates unsanitary contaminants
  • Removes unpleasant odors
  • Brightens the look of the entire room