How Often Should Awnings and Canopies Be Cleaned?

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We are often asked, “How often should I clean my awnings?”  This will depend upon the awning material and location, but as a general rule, awnings should be cleaned three to four times per year for maximum lifespan and beauty.

Awnings located near highways, airports, busy restaurants (due to the grease expelled through the duct work), and under a heavy tree canopy may require more frequent cleaning, as will awnings experiencing high mildew growth, bird droppings, or staining from roof runoff. In some large cities like Los Angeles, retailers clean their awnings every month due to the extreme air pollution.

In our 28 years of experience cleaning awnings and canopies, we have learned there is no such thing as a self-cleaning awning, no matter what you may have been told. Awnings with factory-applied clear-coats like 3M or Tedlar can be cleaned less frequently in a pinch. These clear-coated awnings still get dirty; the material just won’t get damaged as quickly.

Awnings and canopies in Florida and other tropical climates are particularly prone to mildew problems, bugs, and sun burn. Hot, dry areas will have fewer problems with mildew growth, but will have more problems with sun exposure and a dusty appearance. Awnings inside of malls get dusty and can be damp-mopped. The exception is in food courts where there will be a greasy buildup that requires heavier cleaning.

Your awnings and canopies are a big financial investment and they make a big statement on your building or home, for better or worse. What do your awnings say about you?

You can learn more about awning and canopy cleaning here.

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