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How Often Should Awnings and Canopies Be Cleaned?

Protecting Your Awnings and Canopies               We are often asked, “How often should I clean my awnings?”  This will depend upon the awning material and location, but as a general rule, awnings should be cleaned three to four times per year for maximum lifespan and beauty. Awnings located near highways, airports, busy restaurants (due to the grease expelled through the duct work), and under […]


The Lifespan of Awnings

Awning Cleaning Tampa

What Ages Awnings? If not maintained, the average awning starts looking dirty within several months and, depending on its material, can develop permanent staining within one or two years. By years four and five, most awnings will look filthy, may have sunburning along the upper surfaces, and the material will likely be weakened. The flat top surface of awnings and the stress points, such as the curve from the vertical […]


Why It’s Important to Keep Awnings Cleaned and Sealed

Awning Maintenance Made Easy Although awnings have been around in some form or another for hundreds of years, awning cleaning services are a relatively new concept. As retailers, restaurant chains, and other businesses spend more and more money on eye-catching, showy awnings, they have begun to realize the importance of protecting these investments. Regular awning cleaning and sealing not only extends the life of awnings, it keeps awnings looking great. […]


Deck Cleaning, Staining, Sealing, and Waterproofing Success

Bringing Wood Decks Back to Their Original Appearance Awnclean recently completed a restoration project for Dex Imaging. The project included cleaning, staining, sealing and waterproofing a 300 ft. deck and railing. It was important for the company to keep the deck clean and appealing because it is often used by its employees to take a break, and enter, or exit the building. First, Awnclean’s team thoroughly pressure washed the deck […]


Introducing Our New Website and Referral Discount

Refer A New Customer and Receive a Discount On Your Next Pressure Wash or Cleaning To celebrate the launch of Awnclean’s new website, we are launching a new Referral Program, which is our way of saying thanks to all of our loyal customers. Simply visit our home page at and fill out the Contact Us form. In the message, tell us the name and telephone number of the new […]