Remove Dark Stains with Roof Cleaning

What Causes the Dark Stains on a Roof?

Have you noticed dark stains on your roof? Do they seem to be getting worse?
These dark stains are caused by actively growing algae. Unfortunately, Florida’s high humidity and warm climate provide the perfect conditions for algae and mold to thrive.
Because of the angle of the sun, the north and west sides of your roof stay wet from the morning dew for longer periods of time. The south and east sides get sun earlier in the day and dry out much quickly. Then, as algae grow on the shingles, it holds the moisture and causes the roof to stay wet even longer.
Trees also help the algae grow by providing shade and preventing the sun from drying off the roof. If left untreated, algae will eventually cover the south and east sides of your roof, too, even when exposed to the sun.

Pressure Wash vs. Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Cleaning your roof on an annual basis removes the destructive mildew, dirt, air pollution, tree debris and other contaminants that can age your roof surfaces and cause this ugly discoloration.

Awnclean cleans single, or multiple-story building roofs made of asphalt shingle, terra cotta and concrete tile, standing seam metal, vinyl membrane, and more.

Our “soft wash” process means no damaging high pressure is used in the cleaning of your roofs. All surfaces are pretreated with an algaecide treatment, followed by a gentle rinse to remove debris build-up.

  • Our team members are experienced, trained, full time employees with extensive experience working on roofs.
  • All safety precautions are taken to safely and properly clean your roof.
  • All plants are deeply watered and covered for added protection. If required, other areas will be covered for full protection.
  • Awnclean’s cleaning processes are manufacturing approved.

Awnclean’s Cleaning Maintenance Program

Awnclean also offers a Cleaning Maintenance Program for business owners so you can take one more thing off your “To Do” list. Call us today and ask us about how you can save by signing up for cleaning on a monthly, quarterly, triannual, biannual, or annual basis.